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On Sun, 7 Apr 2002 7:36:1 -0600, Joshua Brannon <jbrannon@xxxxxxx> wrote

> >The NT install program ... told
> >me all the partitions on my drive were either unknown, unformatted or
> > damaged, or free space. 
> Does the NT installer format the partition(s) itself? ...
> XOSL comes with Ranish Partition Manager, so you can
> create/delete/format partitions from there.

To begin with, I didn't want to create, delete, or format partitions, 
because the drive was already almost fully partitioned, and all the 
partitions contained programs and data that were being used in 
Windows 98.

The NT installer looks at the drives and asks which partition you 
want to install into. At that point it gives you various options: 
install in an existing partition, delete partitions, and/or install 
into free space that it will format as a primary partition.

One reason I say the NT installer doesn't rely on the BIOS is that 
when I had two IDE drives temporarily connected, and told the BIOS 
setup (in CMOS) that there was only one drive present, the NT 
installer showed me both drives. The other is that although the 
motherboard BIOS could deal with a 20GB drive, the NT installer 

I tried Ranish Partition Manager a few years ago and decided I didn't 
want it. It apparently sets up a nonstandard partition table that 
allows more than four primary partitions. That means standard tools 
like FDISK and Partition Magic don't know what you have on your 
drive, and there's a possibility that they could mess it up. Ranish 
wrote that he uses both Partition Manager and Partition Magic, but of 
course he knows exactly what he's doing.

Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ
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