<CT> Re: ancient nutscrape browsers

  • From: JGrossklass@xxxxxxxxxxx (Stephan Grossklass)
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  • Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 10:11:44 +0200

> From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Re: ancient nutscrape browsers
> Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 07:34:18 -0500

> >From:
> >ftp://archive:oldies@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/archive/index.html
> >You can get all kinds of older copies of Netscape for all different
> >platforms, including Win31.

> I found those about a week ago...listed on their download site.  :)  I had
> 2.02, 3.0, and 6.0 (6 was going to be used for testing my sites, others just
> for laughs). 

Actually 3.0x is not too bad - it's faster than 4.0x, but doesn't know
CSS yet and is pretty slow with tables and uses lotsof resources for

> But, I lost them all when I had to reformat.

You had to *what*? I've never found this to be necessary in years.

> Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 14:39:33 +0200
> From: Erwin Dokter <edokter@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Calmira II 3.11b bugfix released

> OK, I hope the biggest bugs have now all been squashed. Sorry for the
> inconveniance, and thank you for your patience :)
> BugFixes in 3.11b:
> + Fixed "Cannot create descript.ion" bug.
> + Go To dialog now accepts environment variables.
> + New Explorer shortcuts:
>   - ALT + double click: Properties
>   - CTRL + G: Go to...
>   - F4: open path combobox

You forgot one very important point:
 + Fixed Netscape freeze bug (at least when Calmira is the shell)

BTW would you mind replacing "buxfixes" with "bugfixes" in the readme
file? (this is in the section for the original 3.11 version)

> Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 21:22:44 +0200
> From: Michelle Konzack <wfw.mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Re: Older Netscape browsers

> Have already spyderd the Archive for two years...
> and I have all 16-Bit-Netscapes on CD (in all Languages).

Not bad.

> Unfortunately my Nero-CD is broken and I can not Burn CD's anymore.
> Does anyone have the Nero 4.0 for Win3.x including Win32s ???

I do - it's a OEM version which can be updated to

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