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  • Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 23:04:53 +0200


Am 15:06 03.05.2001 +0200 hat Erwin Dokter geschrieben:
>Martin B. Brilliant wrote:
>> Is Win 98 a major or minor change from Win 95? Is Win 2000 a major or
>> minor change from Win 98?
>Windows 98's real version number is 4.10. I don't know Millennium's
>version, but I guess it's 5.00

it was 5.0 because I was in the Beta-Test-Program for it :-P
:kill:  :kill:  :kill:  :kill:  :kill:  :kill:  :kill:  :kill:  :kill:  

I like IRC ;-))

>> Why should there be a difference between
>> Win 2000 and Win Millennium - is Millenium supposed to mean 2001?
>> Which versions are NT (new technology, meaning totally 32-bit with no

NT is NOT new technology but

eNTe (german)           =       duck
Noch Teurer (german)    =       still expensive


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