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> I'm still very curious though, about Windes 2000 long filename handling
> capability -can anyone tell me if this "clone" manages to use LFNs like
> Win95 (on 286 CPUs!??!)  Because of list member's descriptions of Windes
> 2000 (crappy, cartoonish), is it possible to think that it consists of
> original code!?!  If it was simply a re-use of Win95 code, I would expect
> to look very similar or exactly like Win95.  So I hope to spark interest
> that it may be capable to finally apply LFN to Calmira in the same way.
> Another factor I'm really interested in is if it is able to run without
> booting off Win95 type DOS.  Win95 does not run off DOS systems 7.00 or
> earlier.  If so, then LFNs are hopefully not directly in conflict with DOS
> versions or their respective boot files (io.sys, msdos.sys, command.com.)
I don't know it well enough - my comments were based on what little I've
seen of it, and an early trial version which I downloaded and almost
immediately deleted - but I _very_ much doubt if it'll run LFNs on its own.
The version I looked at ran under DOS, and didn't have LFN support.

I'm sure it's DOS-based; it'll almost certainly run, therefore, off DOS 6
and probably off DOS 5 - v.5 is generally reckoned to be the minimum system
for modern DOS programs.

It might support LFNs if you run it under Win9x. It isn't DOS 7 per se which
gives you LFNs, it's the a separate (I think) API which is implemented by
DOS 7 under Win9x. For example, if you just run native DOS 7 without Win95,
you only get short name support.

SEAL and Qube, the other programs I mentioned, _do_ support LFNs when you
run them under Win9x, as do a number of DOS-based file managers - but the
question is for these programs and for Windes - why would you want or need

There's another option - the free utility LFNDOS implements the LFN API
under DOS 6, and possibly lower - your files come out in two columns, long
and short names, as in the 9x DOS prompt. SEAL and Qube both support LFNs in
this mode, but they run at a crawl. Has anyone else tried this and found a
way round the speed issue? The machine I'm running isn't cutting-edge, but
it's not prehistoric either (P133, 64Mb), and if there's a way to make
either program workably fast, it would be a help.

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