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  • Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 07:37:21 +0100

Hallo Duncan,

only some suggestions:

Some years before I had a similar installation, but without Calmira.
On the novell server, there was a directory for windows and
windows/system. It was mapped as drive N: for every user. So the
overhead is very small, because you have only one
windows-installation. In the autoexec.bat, we set 


so windows was in the path and everything could be found by every
user. N:\ was write-protected. 

Every user had its own windows-dir on the server (let's say X:\) with
win.com, win.ini and all *.grp and *.ini-files. In this directory,
the user has all rights. He can destroy his own environment, but not
the complete windows, which is another directory and set to
read-only. The rest of the windows-installation can be found through
the path.

This works only, if everybody uses the same standard hardware
(VGA...). Then you can login at any machine, and always get your own
environment. BTW: The login happened under DOS, there were set all
mappings. So windows started with given drives. The user was directed
to X:.

I think, if you put the complete Calmira into the user's own win-dir
(X:\), it should work. May be, you can put Calmira into an
read-only-directory and write the INI-files into the user's dir. Just

You can install 16-bit-MS Office (Version 5.x/6.x?) in the same way.
There is a switch (badly documented), which helps to do such an

Mit freundlichem Gruß / Regards / Saluton

Michael Lennartz
Fax: +49 89 244 34 52 57

----- Original Message -----

Hi there; I am a school technician; I've been keeping up-to-date with
Calmira, am I was thinking of implementing it on the computers in the
IT room.
I installed the software and OK, things seemed fine.  But there seems
to be
a bit of a problem;

All the computers remote boot of the Novell Netware servers.  To stop
sharing lockups on the servers, we have to separate every single copy
Windows from every other.  (i.e. every machine uses a different copy
windows).  I replaced my specific windows copy and install Calmira.
Everything worked fine.

I was demonstrating it to our IT administrator, when he suggested
implementing it into the general user environment.
This is were trouble started.
It's all very well for the high and might administrators; we have
unrestricted access to all the files on all the servers.  The general
users, however, don't.
When we installed the system, we set everything up so that all 35
had one unprotected directory for temporary files and writing.
When the user logged in, the server copied from the template
directory a
copy of Windows, then locks it again, so nothing can be changed.
When we put Calmira in, it protected the directory.  This is the only
problem we have.

The minute windows opened, up comes a modal system error message
saying it
cannot write to the disk.  We clicked OK and the whole computer froze.
Since my user doesn't protect the windows directory on login, my
Calmira was
fine, but Calmira seems to need unprotected directories and things.

--- Anyway, it all boils down to this question here;
Is there any way of configuring Calmira to not need Read/Write access
to the

I'd like to thank any advice in advance.

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