<CT> Re: Website overhaul / Re: Mail-Box watcher

  • From: "Bill Marcum" <bmarcum@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 17:27:52 +0400

On 15 Jun 01, at 15:11, Stephan Grossklass wrote:

> Since you're using Pegasus Mail, could you please tell me how to set
> the time zone there? 
The time zone is in Tools / Options / Advanced Settings.

> > What is the complete address of de.markt.comp.hardware.*?
> > The browser (this time: Arachne) can't find the page.
> This is a usenet hierarchy. To access the usenet in DOS, you'd need
> one of the three (!) versions of Crosspoint and UKA_PPP.
Net-tamer (www.nettamer.net) is another good newsreader for DOS.  
Some versions of  Lynx can read newsgroups, but you need to use the 
"news:"; prefix.

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