<CT> Re: Warning about abandonware MSoffice 4.3

  • From: Norm Finch <NormF@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 20:39:14 -0500

Marty, I think the message in here to the rest of us is the old
song-and-dance -- "Scan, scan, scan ..."

Antiviral monitors running in the background are fine, but nothing
really beats the old-fashioned method of scanning a file first for
viruses before using it ... and that with **current** viral definition
files! ... especially when you're installing a new-to-your-system
program.  I use FProt for DOS on this system (which has only DOS and
Win3.1 on it), so I don't even use background antiviral monitoring.
But I scan everything regularly, as well as downloading every new
definition file as soon as it's released.  By the way, sign up for
e-mail notification if you're not set up for automatic updating.  It's
a useful prod if nothing else.  But whatever brand of antiviral
program you use, do it regularly and do it often.

As for your specific recovery questions, I think I'll leave that for
others.  What about it folks, any guidance here for Marty? ...


P.S.  Abandonware is not the only source of infection. My only bad
infection, a few years ago now, came from a factory-sealed program
that I bought direct from the software company that produced it.
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