<CT> Re: User.exe Errors w/Calmira II

  • From: GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 11:38:35 EST

The first thing you need to check is make sure you are running in "386 
Enhanced Mode".  IIRC, Calmira cannot run in "Standard mode", which a lot of 
old 486s were
setup to do, many didn't have over 4 meg RAM.  Enhanced mode is needed to give
USER.EXE enough heap space for larger programs, also allows multi-tasking and
swapping to disk via virtual memory.
Next, if the criteria above is OK, how are you trying to run Calmira?  If 
attempting to use as the shell, go back to using Program Mangler, er, 
Manager...hehe!  Then, try running Calmira as a seperate Windows application. 
 If that works, then we know it's something in one of the Windows startup 
files, probably in SYSTEM.INI.  Could be you didn't designate CALMIRA.EXE to 
be the shell??  Look for a line that reads:
Then, put a semi-colon in front of it to comment it out, like so:
Next, add a line to use Calmira as your shell, like this:
and save the file.
Now, restart Windows and see what happens!
Let me know if this doesn't work.
See you later!
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