<CT> Re: Trouble with com-port

  • From: Michael Reiter <MichReiter@xxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 08:47:58 +0200

Did you check the type of chips for his com-ports. I used msd.exe yesterday 
which was
telling me that I have 8250-chips. They are not supporting FIFO cause they are
antique. Perhaps there is the conflict with the modem's firmware.

Can you tell me how you installed the dialer? Did you simply copy it into the
Windows-directory or did you get it by installing the Internet Explorer?

Thank you

"Klaus J. Osswald" schrieb:

> Hello Michael,
> interesting that a friend of mine had almost the same setup as yours (same 
> modem,
> same OS)
> & same problem with Bitware & the 'engaged' Com port. Because he had several
> problems with his system which we practically did solve at the same time we
> couldn't exactly tell what it was what had helped in the end. Also he decided 
> to
> use the standard dialer that came with Windows 95 instead of Bitware. However 
> this
> is what I think could be wrong with yours:
> Michael Reiter wrote:
> > While doing the setup there is
> > always "Another application active" on com2. What could that be?
> Have a look in your BIOS Setup. Is there an option 'Peripheral Setup' ?
> Highly likely that your error is because of the same address for both
> ports. See that you do have different addresses for Serial Port 1
> & Serial Port 2. Something like this would be ok:
> Serial Port 1    2F8h
> Serial Port 2    3F8h

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