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  • Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 23:04:13 EST

Hey, you wanna hear about a pack rat with old technologies????

I collect old PC's for fun people.
Currently own:
Commodore Family of Computers, nearly one of every Commodore OS computer they 
ever built, C64,PET,VIC-20,C128,C128d,C64SX,Amiga500.  Looking for Commodore 
PC clones.....
IBM Family of Computers, 8088, 8086, 286,386,486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, 
Pentium MMX, PII, working on a PIII
Macintosh Family of Computers, LC, LCII ~both newly acquired~
Atari Family of Computers, An ST ~whatever their PC was called~
numerous old laptops ~IBM clones~

Sooooo... Methinks I deserve *SOME* credit for being around a while.... even 
if I am the ?youngest? member....

I still remember when the internet was all text, and a hyperlink was nothing 
more than a reversed colored word.  When BBS's were just the ----!  When a 
1200baud modem made you the baddest computer geek in the neighborhood ... and 
oh my God, when the local BBS got it's first 14.4!!!  WooHoo!!! We were 
transferring fast then, huh?!  Oh well ... lots has changed ... people got 
greedy ... now a 28.8 is practically considered trash amongst some.

I'll just hole myself up in my little museum and play Pac-man, Joust, Pong, 
Breakout, and any other "ancient" game I got that still takes up a whole 
night....  As far as I am concerned, I was happy with my old 386 back in the 
day.....  Someone should sue Bill Gates for mental anguish and anxiety ... 
because his OS causes so many problems....  anyways... I am beginning to 
babble.... heh... catch you all later!


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