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  • Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 11:19:52

OK, I'll throw in my suggestion as well, trouble is you have to pay for
this <G> but I think its worth it.

UltraEdit / UltraEdit-32 - v6.20b


UltraEdit is an excellent replacement for NOTEPAD and a lot more,
with support for unlimited file sizes, 100,000 word spelling checker,
full HEX editing capabilities, configurable syntax highlighting
for programmers, column editing.  UltraEdit has all the features
you will need.  UltraEdit handles multiple files at once, even
if they are multi-megabyte files.  It is Disk based and only requires
a small amount of memory, even for very large files.  UltraEdit-32 is
designed for Windows NT and Windows 95, and UltraEdit is designed for
for Windows 3.1.  One fee allows use of both products.

Standard Features:
 - Disk based text editing
 - No limit on file size, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
 - Multiple files open and displayed at the same time
 - Column mode editing!!!, Insert columns/ delete/ cut/ add sequential 
 - Drag and Drop Editing
 - File sort (with remove duplicates, ignore case, ascending, descending)
 - 100,000 word spell checker
 - Syntax highlighting - configurable, pre configured for C/C++, VB, HTML
   and Java
 - Automatic word wrap at specified column with hard return
 - Insert file into an existing document at cursor position
 - Drag and Drop support from the file manager
 - Configurable toolbar
 - Splitter windows
 - Insert and overstrike modes for editing
 - Multi-level undo and redo
 - UltraEdit is Windows 3.x CUA compliant
 - Find and Replace - Also allows selection of text between caret and 
   find target when shift key is pressed, Replace all in select area
 - Find in Files, Replace In Files
 - Goto Line Number/Page Break
 - Font Selection for display and printer. (Supports all fonts installed 
   including TRUE-TYPE fonts)
 - Print support with headers, footers, margins and page breaks.
 - Automatic Line Indentation
 - Tab Settings
 - Word Wrap Support
 - Hexadecimal Editor - Allows editing of any binary file - HEX Cut,
   copy and paste support
 - HEX Insert and Delete of characters 
 - HEX Find, Replace and Replace All
 - Bookmarks - Unlimited number of Bookmarks 
 - Multiple Windows of the same file 
 - Comprehensive macro support, including saving and loading
 - Context Sensitive Help
 - Automatic backup file generated with (.BAK) extension in the directory of 
   the original file
 - UltraEdit retains its screen position each time it is used
 - Line & column number display (line number display may be disabled)
 - Pop-up menus with right mouse button.
 - Text conversion to lower or upper case and capitalization.
 - Unix/Mac to DOS Conversion
 - DOS to Unix conversion
 - Auto detect UNIX/Mac files
 - Convert Word Wrap to CR/LF's allowing word wrap to be written to file 
   with hard returns
 - Convert CR/LF's to Word Wrap (removes CR/LF's from file)
 - Template Support
 - More ... 

I think that covers everything!


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