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  • From: John <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 03:08:07 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Stephan Grossklass wrote:

> I'm using the ALT method sll the time - however, I meant the "Open
> folder" command in the desktop context menu which is inaccessible if
> some full-screen app is running (mostly I have multiple ones).

LoL!  I have that problem all the time <G>  Do you have Delphi?  If so,
you can do what I do to bypass this problem :-}

Open the Calmira source up in the Delphi IDE.  Click View => Project
Manager.  Scroll down until you find the Task Unit | Taskbar Form, select
it and click 'View form' button.

Now, grab a button from the pallette, TStyleSpeed button from calmira VCL,
or even a TSpeedButton will work.  Drop this button on the task bar form.

Then design whatever image you want for the button 16X16.  Also, if you
want I could send you the closest I could get to replicating Win9x's
'Show Desktop' button.

I reccomend setting the style in the property editor so it appears flat
like the rest of the calmira buttons.  With TStyleSpeed, set Style to
'sbWin95'.  If you use TSpeedButton, set the style to 'bsNew'.

Now,  Double Click on the new button you placed next to the
start button, or where ever you decided you wanted it.  The editor should
popup with the cursor in a new procedure block.  Just type 'MinimizeAll;'
between the begin and end statements.

It should look like this:

procedure TTaskbar.StyleSpeed1Click(Sender: TObject);

Note:  the name of the procedure will vary based on what the name of the
button is in the property editor.

Now, this is not the most robust solution, but it works good for me.  Of
course, make sure you are not running calmira before recompiling the
source code.  I also recommend copying files from you calmira directory
like 'Wndhooks.dll', 'Calmira.ini' and the essential files for Calmira to
run into the source directory.

Well I am trying to be as descriptive as possible since I have no idea
weather you have delphi or not.  If not... I can place the binary that I
use on my website if you are interested.  This is by no means anything
fancy, just a simple solution to the annoyance I had with not being able
to clear the desktop :-}  About the only thing that doesn't minimize is
the run dialog, but that doesn't bug me too much <G>  Just about
everything should minimize.


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