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  • From: "Brian L. Johnson" <blj8@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 19:07:02 -0700 (MST)

On Mar 31, Stephan Grossklass wrote to Mailingliste calmira_tips:

>In calmira.org's screenshot gallery, I've noticed that the screenshots
>are sorted by name - but shouldn't they have been sorted by date?
>Sorting them by name is pretty pointless, giving no additional
>In addition, the images have been "optimized" in such a way that my
>screenshot is now LARGER (!) and UGLIER than before (it used to be a
>256-color GIF with optimized palette to avoid JPEG compression artifacts
>and is now a JPEG image). What the ?&%&$&/ is going on here?

Hi Stephan and all :)

Yes, it was I who befungled the screenshots gallery.. The old system was
getting to be a pain to maintain and add shots (from behind the scenes),
and a lot of Win31/3x-browser systems out there had a hard time loading
all those thumbnails at once. So something had to change.

On sorting, I agree that sorting by date would have been better, but
alas, the date info for many of the shots was not available. My bad, but
I can't change history now, so I went with the next best option.

On format, I chose JPEG format because of copyright and patent issues
with GIF format images. As you may have heard, the other year, the
Unisys corp (the creators of the GIF format) started asserting their
patent (after what, 10 years...), and started shaking websites down
thug-style for something like us$5000 per GIF image. In protest, many
websites went to GIF-free sites using JPEG and PNG images.

Although calmira.org is not likely to come under Unisys' gun, I choose
to do the same and phase out GIF images on the site over time. When I
converted the screenshots page, I made the choice to convert all the
shots to JPEG format since I had the opportunity. Other GIFs at the site
will also eventually become JPEG or PNG images, given time and
opportunity on my part.

Besides, JPEG offers much better compression than GIF images, and with
some optimization work, I was able to get most of the images under 80kb
for faster and easier loading. I was careful to maintain image quality
so that there was minimal degradation, tho it may be slightly noticeable
on some of the shots.

Now, for all of you, do remember that this screenshot gallery is open,
so if you'd like to immortalize your Calmira desktop, go for it :)

Requirements are a zip file containing:
*) JPG or GIF (JPG perferred), no larger than 800x600
*) A textfile with your name, email address, and any comments you want
   the world to read with your shot. Your email address will not be
   published, it's just for records and contacting you if need be. :)

And, upload by FTP to ftp://ftp.calmira.org/incoming/ (you won't be able
to list the directory or see what you uploaded; this is normal). Systems
in place will then notify me and my computer will auto-download it for
my processing.


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