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  • From: Alan Grimes <alangrimes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 11:01:12 -0700

> One thing left to resolve, and this one has me stumped. Screen
> resolution. I'm running on an IBM 8513 monitor, and I've tried three
> different video cards - a Genoa Systems 8500VL (VLB), a Lightspeed
> ET4000/W32P (VLB) and the current one, a Paradise VGA (Diamond
> Speedstor). But NONE of them will take me over 640x480/16. When I
> try any higher resolution, all I get is the screen going wild like a
> TV whose horizontal and vertical hold is completely out of whack.

If one of those cards supports DCI, I would be interested in buying it
from you... -- A fully populated board is a pluss too.

> I have video drivers in place for all three cards, but all (don't)
> do the same thing. I also tried the built-in driver for 8514, that
> just gives me a blank screen.

Try connecting the monitor from your leenooks machine to it.

> Me thinks it's just the crummy monitor (oh why did I have to sell
> that nice NEC Multisync...), but does anyone know of ANY way to get
> this (*&#(*&#@! up to at least 800x600?

I'm running my 486 at 1024x768 64k colors.

> Dang... Looking around, I have at my computer desk two computers
> (stacked), two monitors (stacked), two keyboards, two mice, two
> organizers (a Palm and a Psion), my laptop and my cellphone. So
> within a few feet radius, I'm running Linux, Win31, Win95a, PalmOS,
> EPOC/16 (Psion) and whatever the heck Kyocera puts in their
> phones... Yes folks, I'm demented, and have the empty cans of
> caffeinated beverages to prove it. <g>

That's nothing.
I am using the internet from my simple and plesant 486 through a lan
running to my evil and demented Athlon running leenooks. THE LINUX
every day and it takes several attempts to get the correct time to

My 486 boots faster than my Athlon!
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