<CT> Re: Running WinXP and Win3.11+Calmira

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 08:46:10 -0400

Of course you can simply partition your harddrive to multi-boot.  What I am 
talking about though is running them at the same time!  Windows 3.11 in a 
window (haha! a funny!) on Windows XP.  The software (VMWare) supports using a 
*real* partition, but for the XP people out there with NTFS you need to use 
'virtual hard disks'.  A virtual disk is a file (much like an ISO is a cd in a 
single file) that you create to use as a hard drive.  It resides on your 
physical hard disk, and the 'host' (in my case XP) can 'see' it, but cannot 
modify the contents of it.  Maybe it would be easier to say it is a special ZIP 
file that only the VMWare software can open.  And the zip file is the entire 
hard drive for the VMWare virtual pc.

I've run into a problem using it to run Win3.11.  Nothing major.  Just a DRIVER 
ISSUE!!!  OH NO!!!  :)    Once again, HP never thought anyone would want to run 
something that old on this beast... No sound, nothing better than VGA.  Period. 
 The VMWare software doesn't even actually support Win3.1.  I say this because 
for every other OS, the software provides 'fake' video drivers that actually 
link into your 'host' drivers.  Win3.x isn't an option for that.  Oh well.  
Looks like my old P90 laptop might get dusted off...  Hehe... If I sound a 
little off, I actually miss my old laptop.  Tech head, ya know?

Well, I have typed enough... Hopefully ya'll understand the concepts a little 
bit better...  Oh yeah, Calmira runs great!  Now I just have to figure out how 
to use NAT in Win3.11 and I can take it online!  Yay!!

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