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I went to the official Bochs site.  I was wondering if this emulation could
run on Risc or WindowsCE machines.  The site lists other platforms but not
this one.  Does anyone on the list know?  -Bill

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On Thursday 18 Sep 2003 2:30 pm, Ben09880@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello everyone!  I have been hearing an awful lot lately about how
> is slowly but surely moving to Windows 2000 and XP...  And as we should
> know by now, you cannot run "TRUE" DOS on those OSs.  Well, I just got
> nifty little FREE program that allows you to run ANY x86 compatable OS on
> ANY computer!  Yay!  Sounds pretty cool, eh?

I've tried it. It does work (on my Pentium 3, 600 Mhz though YMMV) but needs
considerable degree of tweaking via configuration files etc. Worth a look
those with time and the skils though.

Bob Groves

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