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  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 16:10:35

>From: Ben09880@xxxxxxx
>Subject: <CT> Re: Running WinXP and Win3.11+Calmira
>Of course you can simply partition your harddrive to multi-boot.  What I
am talking about though is running them at the same time!  Windows 3.11 in
a window (haha! a funny!) on Windows XP.  The software (VMWare) supports
using a *real* partition, but for the XP people out there with NTFS you
need to use 'virtual hard disks'.  A virtual disk is a file (much like an
ISO is a cd in a single file) that you create to use as a hard drive.  It
resides on your physical hard disk, and the 'host' (in my case XP) can
'see' it, but cannot modify the contents of it.  Maybe it would be easier
to say it is a special ZIP file that only the VMWare software can open.
And the zip file is the entire hard drive for the VMWare virtual pc.
>I've run into a problem using it to run Win3.11.  Nothing major.  Just a
DRIVER ISSUE!!!  OH NO!!!  :)    

Exactly my problem. I have the partitions done, can boot to DOS and open
WIN3.11. But there's no driver for my flat display so I'm stuck with VGA.

Worse than that, I can't find a driver for my wireless Mouse or wireless
keyboard. The nouse will move the curser up and down but not sideways.
I haven't tried the keyboard yet.

Is it complicated to modify driver software to work with 3.11? I know I
can't do it,
but maybe one of y'all could. It would be worth some bucks to me if I
could get this problem solved.

Alternately, I understand there's a way to make XP emulate 2,11 but, I
can't find
how this is done. I don't care if it's slower, but i must solve the interface
problem with display, mouse, and keyboard. Help!!!

Ray Stilwell
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