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  • Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 12:33:14 EDT

Ivan (and anyone else interested!)
I work almost exclusively on "recycled" systems, hehe, ones that I have
salvaged from somewhere, taken parts from different ones to get one or
two systems working.  I am currently using a 486DX2 66 mHz, 16 meg
RAM, MS DOS 6.22/Win3.11, an IBM PS2 Model 5500SX, 386SX 16mHz,
5 meg RAM, MS DOS 6.22, my 486DX4 100mHz, 24 meg RAM plus an
ancient (even more so than the PS2) AMSTRAD 8086, 512 kb RAM Dual
5.25 in floppy w/CGA, and a collection of other parts, chips etc.  I'm working
on a 386DX also at the moment.  My point in all this is to illustrate that
you DO NOT have to have the latest, greatest system to be able to send
email, surf the net and generally be connected.  I even do the Internet with
the PS2, and it only has a 2400 baud modem.  I keep everything in "text"
mode, such as NetMail DOS, and Lynx 386 DOS web browser, but I can
download small images for later viewing if desired.

If anyone is interested in getting an older system connected to the Internet,
I have put a web page up that might be of help, along with a selection of
software to download.  I've also put a little package of software together
in a self-extracting EXE that fits on one 3.5 in 1.44 meg diskette.  Just
copy the file, WIZDOSI2.EXE to an empty directory, type WIZDOSI2 -d
and press ENTER and the contents are extracted, recreating directories
also.  I've also included simple DOS BATCH programs which you can
use, once you edit the file with a text editor and put in settings for your
ISP and hardware.  The web address is:

See you later!
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