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Sorry, but I copied the message and edited in Notepad.
It seems more natural in there than in a tiny Yahoo!
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On Thursday March 15th, Alan Grimes wrote:
>I think it is time to start considering our rights as
a windows 3.x
>community in the face of the undue influence
microsoft is having over
>the future of our computer use. I think we should
begin considering a
>legal action that will seek to reveal the technical
specifications to
>wich our windows software was written so that we may
>alternative versions should we so choose. Given that
the version of
>windows that I am running reports itself to have been
finalized in
>november of 1993, Microsoft has no valid claims for
continuing to
>conseal this important information as it is not of
any further
>commercial value to them except as a lever to force
us to move to their
>next generation of rented software. =(

A little off-topic:
I think your idea has a little similarity to what some
people in the QuickBASIC community are thinking about.
See, QuickBASIC is a programming language Microsoft
wrote for easy DOS programming. Occasionally, someone
says on some forums that Microsoft should sign off
QuickBASIC 4.5 as freeware, since the copyright says
"1985-1988." This is just like your idea: It's so old,
just go on and give it away. Microsoft already bundled
QBASIC 1.1 with MSDOS versions 5.0 and above(Including
Win95, I don't know about 98 and ME.)

I think Microsoft should go ahead and give away the
code to Win3.1, and sign off QuickBASIC 4.5 as
Freeware. In fact, they should sign off QuickBASIC 7.1
as freeware too. This might be the wrong list to talk
about it in, but I just wanted you to know that other
software communities had similiar ideas. (Ironically,
both examples' product is made by Microsoft.)

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