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<< Perhaps we could all chip in and give our own little 'intros'?  >>

Well, don't know if I'll be the one to start, but here goes!
My name is Glenn Gilbreath Jr., aka GLENNRPH, aka
Wizard57M.  I've been playing with computers for over 23 years,
but never had one of my own till some 11 years ago or so, when 
I came across a second or third hand little IBM PS2 Model 5500SX.
I had used computers at work, so getting started wasn't too hard.
This old computer still runs great too!  It had 1 meg memory when 
I first obtained it, along with a 29 meg hard drive, VGA 16 color 
video.  The internal modem is a Racal-Vadic 2400 baud PS2.
If any of you have ever worked on a PS2, then you probably remember
the trials of getting hardware to work with the old MCA, MicroChannel
Architecture.  A battery failure resulted in loss of setup, about 6 
years ago.  Had to get a new battery, plus find a reference disk so I
could get into the BIOS to set everything up, as well as the INF files
for the internal modem.  About 4 years ago, an online buddy sent me 
a 4 meg RAM chip, so now the little 386 SX has 5 meg RAM, hehe, 
but still does the Internet at 2400 baud.  I installed MS DOS 6.22 on 
it and compressed the hard drive...still have fun with that old machine.
My "most muscular" machine is a 486DX4 Intel Overdrive 100mHz CPU 
with 24 meg RAM, 2 meg Cirrus SVGA video card, 4X CD ROM, 2.1 
gig hard drive.  I dual boot this one with either MS DOS 6.22 or Windows 
95 original.  I've also got a 486DX2 66 mHz, 16 meg RAM, with Win311
as well as currently working on replenishing a Compaq Deskpro XL 575,
it has a Pentium 75 mHz, with 32 meg RAM, no CD, 2 meg MGA Compaq
graphics, and a 1 gig SCSI hard drive, along with the 3.5 in diskette.
In my "professional" career, I am a Registered Pharmacist, and I manage 
a pharmacy in Oklahoma, USA.  I've been here almost 15 years as the
manager, on November 7th.  Prior to taking on the fulltime manager job, 
I worked here and other pharmacies as a part-time relief RPh, after a 
couple of other full time position.
Currently divorced, but have a steady girlfriend, have 3 children, daughter
age 18, married, a 2 year old grand daugther...and I have 2 boys, ages 10 
and 12, soon to be 11 and 13.
Hobbies include computers (naturally, though I don't have time for any
programming much any more, not enough time off), bowling, fishing, hunting 
camping, playing video games with the kids.
I've been on the Calmira Tips list for over 5 years, can't remember the exact 
starting date, hehe.  Have been using Calmira ever since an early, early 
release by Li Hsin he called "Calypso", then Calmira 1.  Say, does anybody 
still have Li's Calypso?  I lost my copy about 4 years ago due to virus that 
my daughter contracted on the old 486DX4, caused the eventual death of the 
hard drive in the computer at the time...Anyway, the past couple of years, 
Windows 3.11 (regular Win3X, not WFWG3X) is becoming more and more 
the version of Windows I rely on due to all these 32 bit trojan and worms 
affect Win9X and NT.  I also do not agree with some of the new restrictions 
in some of the EULAs in MS operating systems/software.  Besides, I don't
want my computer to "phone home" whenever I make a hardware change or
some such that may invalidate this or that license, hehe!  Back in 1998, I 
became interested in accessing the Internet and World Wide Web using plain 
old DOS, and many times I do all of my Internetting while in DOS now.  When 
I do encounter something such as JavaScript only sites, I'll try Windows 3.11
first, with Opera, and if all else fails, I boot Windows 95.

Well, by golly, that is probably more information than you thought you would 
get, hehe.  I apologize for the length of the post, but, you asked!  Over the
years, the group here at Calmira has been one of the most friendly I have 
had the pleasure of meeting online!  Guess I'll step off the podium now, and 
let someone else have the microphone, so to speak, hehe.

See you later!
aka Wizard57M

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