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On 12 Mar 2001, at 0:17, "Brian L. Johnson" <blj8@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Should I link in new shots in alphabetical order, and let the visitor
> spot the new ones in the table of links, OR ...
> Link the new ones in at the front of the line, making them the first
> ones in the tour, while destroying future alphabetical order?

Why can't you do both? Though, frankly, I don't see the virtue of an 
alphabetical list, unless there is no better logical ordering.

If you wanted to use frames (though I myself don't know how to use 
frames) it should be simple. The user clicks on "New Screenshots" and 
then gets a view with a main frame showing the screenshot and a 
little frame with either a list of new screenshots, or a "next new 
frame" and a "previous new frame" link. Meanwhile the main frame has 
the standard "Next" and "Back" links in alphabetical (or other 
logical) order. If the user clicks on "alphabetical tour" there are 
no frames, just the screenshots with the standard links.

If you don't want to use frames, you could still have two (or more) 
separate tours. Since an image is not part of the HTML, but is linked 
by an IMG element, you can create several tours of the same set of 
images; each image is stored only once, and the HTML pages that make 
up each tour take very little storage space. So the user could choose 
an alphabetical tour, with all the pages linked in alphabetical 
order, or a tour of the new pages in some other order, or any other 
tour of any logical subset you want to devise.

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