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  • From: Michael Lennartz <lennartz-mi@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 08:17:22 +0100

Me, Myself And I schrieb am 10.06.2001:

BTW, if you're going that far back, why not just get
DOS Lynx? ;-)

There are some really low power computers (386, 486 SX, 4 MB RAM),
and most up-to-date-browsers are to slow on these machines. So I was
looking for some browsers from the beginners age. They should work on
such comps, which were very good at this time.

All DOS-browsers (incl. Arachne) have some problems with dial-up. I
never succeed with LSPPP or DOSPPD. On the other hand, the
Shiva-dialer from the IE-package is very good. It works always and
with every modem, even with a mobile phone. My personal experience:
The DOS-based browsers aren't faster then a WIN-based. The memory
management of WIN and the multitasking improve the working speed. 

Mit freundlichem Gruß / Regards / Saluton

Michael Lennartz
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