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For those interested:

Okay, tried another Google and found this so far for "Long Filenames", =
although it does not actually mentions the software's name specifically; =
it does, however, mentions the company that I remember "View" Software.  =
I think it is very interesting.

The reminder of the company's name gave new info in a search (but no =

This little quote:
View Software: Some utilities for Windows 3.1, such as Long File
Names, need to be upgraded or used differently with Windows 95. To
obtain a version of View Software that works with Windows 95, in the
United States call (800) 536-8439. Outside the United States, call
(415) 856-8439.

Systems Enhancer=20
Long File Names 4.0  VIEW Software 800-487-VIEW, 415-856-8439  $49.95  =
Win 3.1x users can share Win95's long filenames transparently; this =
makes integrating Windows 95 into an office easier.  3/96  3  4.5 =20
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