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  • From: Michelle Konzack <wfw.mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 20:03:05 +0200

Am 19:10 13.06.2001 +0100 hat Michael Lennartz geschrieben:
>Hallo Michelle,
>Michelle Konzack schrieb am 13.06.2001:

>BTW: Today I 've got to know a young man, who grumbled, because the
>comp in his school has _only_ 733 MHz, 20 GByte HD and 128 KByte RAM.
>To slow!!!=20

Yes, for mee too.=20
I programm ASM and C under plain-Dos with DJGPP and now I use an old=20
Conner CFS850A wit a Athlon 1,2 GHz, 1 GByte of memory with a Ramdisk=20
of 512 MByte...

...and now I can compile a Dos-EXE of 1 MByte in less then 3 Minutes=20
insteed of 23 Hours on a 486dx4/100 with 32 MByte.

>  >Why do you put the Swap-file in a Ramdisk ?=20
>  >Thats without logic !!!
>  >
>Wow, you are right!!! I will change.
>M=F6ge die Macht mit Dir sein.

Ich sag immer:  'May the source be with you !'

>Mit freundlichem Gru=DF / Regards / Saluton
>Michael Lennartz


P.S.:   Nett wieviele Deutsche sich hier auf der Liste tummeln.

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