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  • From: Michael Lennartz <lennartz-mi@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 19:10:38 +0100

Hallo Michelle,
Michelle Konzack schrieb am 13.06.2001:
  >I use the C35i and it works very well. 
  >I use DR-WebSpyder (Modem and packet) and Trumpet.

The webspyder I 've never got to work. Any DPMS-error. I was looking
for a solution to get a "workbench" for a 486SX33/4MB-laptop. I
tested DOS, NewDeal Office and Windows. Finally I decided to use
Windows, but there are some DOS-programs left over (Net-Tamer,
WordPerfect, VC). In this time I collected  some older DOS- and
Win-software and burned it on a CD. There are so much older PC out
there in the world, that it is better to have a little collection.

BTW: Today I 've got to know a young man, who grumbled, because the
comp in his school has _only_ 733 MHz, 20 GByte HD and 128 KByte RAM.
To slow!!! 

  >Under Dos it works very well with pktppp. I was on the Siemens 
  >Support site and the C35i works with simpel AT-Commands. 
  >Please Note:    It works only with the serial-Cable not with the
Yes, it works with Net-Tamer, for example. The fact, that it
understands AT-commands <I downloaded the documents ;-)>, doesn't
contradictory the guess, that there is no really modem, but only a
workaround similar to a softmodem. But this is not so important.

  >>I use some slow machines (486SX33/4 MB RAM, 486DX50/8 and 32 MB
  >>and on these comps a well configured WfW+Calmira with Shiva Dialer
  >>and IE or Netscape is a good, fast and reliable solution. On the
  >>32-MByte-machine I use a RAMDisk for the swap-file, and the IE is
  >Why do you put the Swap-file in a Ramdisk ? 
  >Thats without logic !!!

Wow, you are right!!! I will change.

Möge die Macht mit Dir sein.

Mit freundlichem Gruß / Regards / Saluton

Michael Lennartz
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