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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 15:38:38 +0200

Hello Michael, 

Am 08:08 13.06.2001 +0100 hat Michael Lennartz geschrieben:
>Hallo folks,

>Arachne: It is a fine product. It has a lot of advantages and looks
>nice. My biggest problem: It works with some modems, with others it
>doesn't. It _not_ works with mobile phones (Siemens). I think,

I use the C35i and it works very well. 
I use DR-WebSpyder (Modem and packet) and Trumpet.

>Siemens' mobile phones doesn't have a real modem (diagnosis not
>works: Win95, Modem Doctor), but simple puts the data stream into the
>DSP (or so...). And Arachne allows only 8 characters for
>email-passwords, I use up to ten characters.

Under Dos it works very well with pktppp. I was on the Siemens 
Support site and the C35i works with simpel AT-Commands. 

Same as for S35i and M35i. 

Please Note:    It works only with the serial-Cable not with the IR. 

>I use some slow machines (486SX33/4 MB RAM, 486DX50/8 and 32 MB RAM),
>and on these comps a well configured WfW+Calmira with Shiva Dialer
>and IE or Netscape is a good, fast and reliable solution. On the
>32-MByte-machine I use a RAMDisk for the swap-file, and the IE is

Why do you put the Swap-file in a Ramdisk ? 
Thats without logic !!!

If you have enough memory, You do not need a Swap-file because 
a swapfile is only need if you have not enough physical memory. 

>Mit freundlichem Gru=DF / Regards / Saluton

Ja Du auch...

>Michael Lennartz


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