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> The bad news is worse than you describe; the banner-adware setup comes via
> the Cydoor system, implicated in several spyware programs (nothing gets
> alt.comp.freeware going more than a whiff of spyware...). These programs
> allegedly don't just phone home, but are capable of passing
> demographic/system/site-visiting details, etc, to commercial sites -
> something the developers always deny, however.

Well, I know that's the REAL bad news, I didn't want to go too much into
detail as this is not directly related to Windows 3.1 as of yet.   I figured
if anyone followed the link to read what Fred Langa said they would read
about the Cydoor system.  I would never use 'ANY' adware myself just for the
simple fact that I do not want to waste my bandwidth.  I used, for about 1
day, a program called banner crafter which was add supported...  Everytime I
tried connecting to check my email, it took for ever becuase it hogged my

I think the mention of spyware anywhere will get people going...  Like with
me, I have nothing to hide (no highly confidential government documents <g>)
but I still feel tracking what people are doing is flat wrong.

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