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At 30/04/2001 20:59:00, you wrote:
>Hey all.  I was helping a a librarian clean out a cupboard in the back room 
>today.  We found a lot of stuff, including the stuff below which I kept.  I 
>also took two cards...one being a sound card (I need to find out who made it 
>before I can use it), and the other saying "CD-ROM 16 I/F Card" or something 
>like that on it.  Anyone know what that is?

Sounds like a proprietory interface card for a single-speed CD-ROM.
Something like the kind of thing you used to need to use with a Mitsumi

>       Epson Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01
>               Install


What a little treasure trove! You have *all* the fun :)
Bob Groves

'Before you criticise someone, walk a mile in his shoes. 
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