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  • Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 11:13:16 -0400

Ross Nelson wrote:
> Right now, I use a generic256/640*480 driver for my 486.  Just 
> wondering, would another generic monitor driver allow more 
> colors/higher resolution, or would I need to know the specific monitor? 

Yes, wheather the CRT is capable of supporting say 800x600 is a big
concern... If it isn't just buy a new monitor.

> If a new generic one would work, does anyone have any suggestions?

        Open the case of the computer and look at the video card. there will be
a large chip near the center of the card. You are interested in the name
and number of the CHIP...  A common one is something like: TESENG
        Also look at the card it is on for the model and name of the

Put the cover back on and look for drivers in this order: 

1. Search by the vedor of the CARD and see if you can get drivers for
that MODEL.

If that fails,

2. Search for the vender of the CHIP and look for drivers with that PART

On my old setup the primary drivers were buggy and crashed under
netscape and the generic drivers didn't support video buffers. I had to
install one on-top-of the other to get it to work! =P 

I hope you will excuse me but I don't really want to use an operating
system that was developed before I was born. (Unix)
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