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  • From: "John" <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 06:09:27 -0500

> Hallo folks,


> The machine has a videochip 65525 from Chips and
> Technologies. I didn't find a suitable driver in the Internet
> (windriver.com...). Can anybody help?

Title Ver. # Readme Release Notes Date
Graphics Accelerators [W31323VL.exe] 0.0   8/24/00
Summary: This driver supports the 65540, 65535, 65530,
65525, 65520 and 65510 graphics accelerators.
Operating System(s): Windows* 3.1x
Download File(s): English 1154KB

Straight from chips and technologies.  There was a long URL so to be sure
you could download it, I placed it on my web site for you; get it here:


Also an excellent resource for all:  http://www.driversguide.com/ has about
any driver you could imagine or ever want.  I have seen drivers for Windows
3x, 9x/me, NT/2K and all flavors of Unix.  I really believe if it can not be
found on the manufacure web site and drivers guide, it doesn't exist!  Also
you can search for manufactures, keywords or whatever.

You do need to register and sign up for a user/pass however the process
takes less than 5 mins and it completely free.  Excellent collection of
drivers, maybe even good enough to see listed in Brians (in)famous bookmarks



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