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> Then why don't you get a disk imager? If you find a reasonable oné that
> apart from the usual 3.5" and 5.25" formats also supports making disk
> images from disks in B:, I'd also be interested in it :).

The diskcopy that comes with DR-DOS 7 is really cool. It is still
command-line. You can do stuff like this:

diskcopy A: B:
diskcopy A: disk1.144
diskcopy disk1.144 A:

And it is fully compatible with MS-DOS. It is included with the evaluation
DR-DOS disk images, so you can make DR-DOS setup disks. I uploaded it to
calmira.org and Brian can maybe put it on FTP download or something.
(Filename: DISKCOPY.COM)  Brian?

- Greg

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