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Like many of you, I end up doing a lot of fresh installs and re-installs of
Win3.1 and WFW3.11 on my different machines as I experiment with Calmira,
different configurations, etc.  One of the most efficient things I ever did
was do a "Network Install" from my original floppies to empty folders on my
hard drive, and then I burned the folder contents on a CD-R.  The Network
Install procedure de-compresses all the install files, so doing an install
now is blindingly quick!  Offhand, I think it's about 4 minutes to fully
install Win3.1 from the CD, and about 6 for WFW3.11.  Saves me a lot of
headaches and wasted time, not to mention disk-swapping...


P.S. - Of course, it "helps" when the target machine has a CD reader.   :-)

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> All ya need to do is copy all the files from one floppy to another.  If
you run into problems after doing that, just copy all the files from the new
copies to the harddrive, then install from that.
> I have done it using Windows for WorkGroups 3.1, and 3.11.  It works for
me, if you have further difficulties, email me offlist, and I will help ya
> ~I have a few copies of it lying around, if need be, I could snail mail
you a copy of WfWG3.11~

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