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  • Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 20:22:28 -0000

Ross said:

> Hmmm.  Can you give me a list of what you used, such as which 3D program,
> what was used to show the icon in the title bar, etc and where to find
> (if you know off-hand).

The 3D is All3D; as I've mentioned in the past (some time ago...) there's a
choice of All3D and Z3DC, the former works better IMHO. Also, if you install
Quicktime, for some reason your control panel applets become 3D. I wouldn't
recommend it though, QT sucks.

Jason mentioned All3D clashed with Win32s for him; I've had no problems, I
don't think it's All3D's fault.

The titlebar stuff is clever display driver bitmap editing - check out my
website's RW section:


and click on "Graphics". RW is much easier than PatchDrv, but I'm sure
they're swappable, except maybe for my smaller scrollbar buttons.

I'll add that RW is very old, buggy, 16-bit software which Borland is still
selling for money, so I can't make it available to download; if you have
Delphi 5 or a Borland C product then you probably have it.

There are a few hacks missing from the screenshot - I have modified CTL3D
bitmaps on my site, but didn't have them in the screenshot; and I did once
rearrange that dialogue in RW to look better, but lost it when messing
around with suspend-to-disk software which kindly overwrote the first 32MB
of my disk (ie. the boot data and FATs).


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