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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 13:24:33 -0600

Although it displays in english, this is originally a hacked version of 
chinese windows 98 dos, which reports as being set for "PRC" or peoples 
republic of china, you need use country.sys to change the codepage to US if 
you want to use it with the US Windows 3.x. If you don't, you will get error 
messages about mismatched codepages. It also is not compatable with dos 6.22 
scandisk or defrag. Use the scandisk from windows 98, and the defrag from 
pc-dos 2000. DO NOT defrag it with the pc-dos 2000 defrag program if you are 
using long file names. Pc-dos defrag will destroy long filenames, it only 
supports 8.3 format. The two main advantages I see for using this dos 7.1 
instead of 6.22 or pc-dos 2000, is that it allows more "high" options in the 
config.sys like fileshigh, buffershigh, etc, and most important (to me), is 
it allows a very long PATH statement, I think 255 char, vs 64 char for older 
dos versions. My personal dos setup for my older computers, is to install 
msdos 6.22 with supplimentary files, then upgrade to pc-dos 2000, then 
upgrade again to this msdos 7.1 with the scandisk from win98. It gives you 
all the tools from all the dos versions, and the advanced features from 7.1.

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