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That's what I thought, too.  I remember reading somewhere that MS never =
did update FileManager to accept LFN even though it was included with =
W95 (the application creation date was updated though.)

I don't have any installation experiences with NT, which as their own =
LFN structure.  I never tried to run the NT FileManager with regular DOS =
thinking that it wouldn't work.  The screenshot seems to say that it =
will (I mean, I assume they are not running NT on top of DOS7.1, no??)

But even if NT-FileManager DOES show LFN on top of DOS7.1, I have a =
feeling that Windows Dialogue Boxes (Save, Save As) will have problems.  =
My first inclination would be to rename W95 Dialogue Support files to =
its W3.x counter-file, if a one-to-one correlation exists, and, if it is =

Ross, does your text header for quotes generate automatically, if so how =
is this done?
("On Jul 22, 2004, at 9:46 AM, MOY, WILLIAM wrote:")

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Good point.  I don't believe the 3.x fileman.exe will do it...I've run=20
it under 98, 2k, or XP and it's stuck with 8.3.

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