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> Hey everyone! I just got a cool 486 with a co-processor and a whole bunch
> other features. I installed wfw 3.11 and will put calmira on it soon,
> I get everything working. And right now I am looking for a good MP3
> I tried WinPlay3, but after about 15 seconds, it starts skipping. And I am
> hoping there is a better MP3 player around. I wanted to download 'Yamp'
> player but both servers were dead. If anyone has it, can you upload it or
> send it to me via e-mail? And if anyone knows of a good MP3 player please
> tell me.  ;)
I use MpxPlay on my pentium-mmx 166Mhz, its a dos player and doesn't look
nice; but hey it works!!!
I thought the link was http://www.geocities.com/mpxplay

But I've tried it on a 80486dx4 100Mhz 12MbRAM and it was also skipping, so
I think you'll need to go higher than a 80486. But give it a try


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