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<< Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 18:01:19 +0200
 From: Erwin Dokter <e.dokter@xxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Looking for video card
 Sorry to be off-topic, but I need help.
 After installing a S3 Virge DX card, which solved some issues, but added
 new ones, I have just about had it with this machine...
 I am in desperate need of a video card that has the following features:
 - is PCI
 - 4 MB min, 16 MB max
 - Has drivers for Windows 3.11, 95 and NT 3.51
 - Must support DCI in 3.1
 - Does not have ANY issues with corrupted images in either OS
 - Must run flawlessly in 1024x768x24
 Right now, the Virge causes start menu corruption in Calmira; it
 corrupts bmpcahce when building the menu. Too bad, because in NT 3.51,
 those problems were finally gone (SiS 6326).
 So I'm looking for a card that has no bugs what so ever in any windows
 version. S3 seemd like a good choice, since it was one of the biggest
 sellers, but the Virge has issues (how about the Savage4?). ATI Also
 seems a good choice. But before I buy another card, I want to be sure it
 has no problems.
 -- Erwin Dokter
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I can't speak for everyone else, only my own experiences with the "S3"
video chipsets...I've had the worst experience with them of just about 
any other chipset based video!  This PC is an IBM PC 330 P75, with 
8 meg RAM, and 1meg S3 Trio 64 based SVGA video.  Back when I 
used Internet Explorer 3.03 the S3 drivers were constantly at odds with
MSHTML16.DLL as well as JSCRIPT16.DLL, I could almost count on 
at least 1 GPF daily.  While indeed, most of the time the S3 Trio 64 
is a fast rendering chip, it doesn't always seem to get the colors just
right, when I compare it to say my old Cirrus Logic 5426 based card.
The S3 also will not even boot to Win3X with the "generic SVGA"
drivers from MS.  I'm not surprised that you are having difficulties with 
S3, hehe! 
Anyway, I have no video cards anywhere near what you are looking for.
The only ones I have extra at the moment is an old Oak VGA 256 kb,
and I think a 1 meg Cirrus Logic 5428 card...if it will still work.
Good luck...looks like it's time to "Google".
See you later,
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