<CT> Re: LiteStep- AND Win16 programs needed

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> placement sorta like Calmira=2E=2E=2E not really=2E=2E=2E but the purpos=
>  e is
>  similar=2E=2E=2E=20

Um...were the funky characters you see above in my previous post see by all?  
Or did AOheLL screw up the repost?  Or is it in fact somethin to do with AOL? 
cuz I don't think anyone could understand what I posted if it looks like that 
to everyone....

I was just wondering if some sort of modular window manager could be 
implemented on Win3.11... Virtual desktops are awesome.  And if it was truely 
modular, couldn't it possibly take less space/resources?  I still got this 
old P90 laptop with 8 megs ram... Somehow the ram expansion slot got fried... 
If I could locate a decent mp3 player that wouldn't skip under Win3.11 I 
would kill the 95 beast trying to survive in it.  I have found AOL for win16, 
and I got ie for win16 I think...  I use it almost exclusively for mp3 
playing and note taking in class (until next quarter when I get a 
1.6Gigahertz laptop through/from school).  I fiddle around with some Gameboy 
emulators on it as well, but those programs are DOS...

Wish list:
Decent Win16 mp3 player, must not skip at full quality on P90, 8 meg ram
Internet Explorer for Win16... will IE4 run on 8 meg ram? 
WORKING 800x600 driver locations for Win16 (not sure what chipset offhand)
    Preferrably one that supports AT LEAST 256 colors

Well, hope to get a response...
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