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 Very interesting!  But I'm not sure it can be of any use to Calmira since it
 adapts the Win95 File Manager (running under Win95 (obviously.)  Still, it
 takes a file management that only reads 8.3 filenames and adapts/links them
 for LFN display  --and that's a good sign.  I haven't tried this program
 yet, but if it addresses the cumbersomeness of dealing with truncated LFN
 with FM then FM can be a viable shell (other than Explorer.)
 Also, as far as I can tell, Win95 (strictly) requires DOS7.  I use the
 parentheses because I was trying to find a way of operating W95 on top of an
 earlier DOS version  --to no avail.  I read a mention that early versions of
 W95 may have been able to do just that.  (I thought I read that from
 www.Herne.com (MaxiDisk) but I cannot find that page now.)  If that is true,
 then it has to be a beta version or demo of W95.  Can anyone confirm?  More
 than that, is there an archive site that may still have a Win95 Demo
 available?  -Microsoft does not have it available anymore.
 I was trying to find out if LFN requires the functions supplied by DOS7's
 boot files or IO.SYS, or if it is completely independent on an API (??) or
 DLL.  If a W95 Demo can run an example of LFN without having to re-boot then
 LFN may not actually need DOS7, I reason.  Then perhaps, Calmira can follow
 the demo's example.  -B >>

Say, I don't know if this is pertinent, but there is a driver for DOS 7 and 
up that
gives access to the LFNs in plain DOS on a Win9X machine.  With it, your
DOS tasks such as DIR will display the long file names instead of the 8.3 or
truncated names.  I've also got one that just gives the directory listings in 
and then there are the LFN Tools by ODI.  The only thing with all these is 
rely on the underlying LFN "API", so on a Win3X machine that doesn't have
that API, not sure it would work.  If anyone wants a copy of these, just let 
know.  The driver for DOS 7+ is called LFNDOS, the directory lister is called
LFNDIR.  Reply to the list or by personal email, either this one subscribed 
(GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx) or to my SurfBest address, wizard57m@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
and mention you want a copy of the LFN utiliites!
See you later, and have a great weekend!
aka Wizard57M
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