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Very interesting!  But I'm not sure it can be of any use to Calmira since it
adapts the Win95 File Manager (running under Win95 (obviously.)  Still, it
takes a file management that only reads 8.3 filenames and adapts/links them
for LFN display  --and that's a good sign.  I haven't tried this program
yet, but if it addresses the cumbersomeness of dealing with truncated LFN
with FM then FM can be a viable shell (other than Explorer.)

Also, as far as I can tell, Win95 (strictly) requires DOS7.  I use the
parentheses because I was trying to find a way of operating W95 on top of an
earlier DOS version  --to no avail.  I read a mention that early versions of
W95 may have been able to do just that.  (I thought I read that from
www.Herne.com (MaxiDisk) but I cannot find that page now.)  If that is true,
then it has to be a beta version or demo of W95.  Can anyone confirm?  More
than that, is there an archive site that may still have a Win95 Demo
available?  -Microsoft does not have it available anymore.

I was trying to find out if LFN requires the functions supplied by DOS7's
boot files or IO.SYS, or if it is completely independent on an API (??) or
DLL.  If a W95 Demo can run an example of LFN without having to re-boot then
LFN may not actually need DOS7, I reason.  Then perhaps, Calmira can follow
the demo's example.  -Bill

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>That's an interesting add-on piece of software.  Then, perhaps this add-on
>(if it exists) can be extended to the Calmira shell?

This is the program I was referring to:


-PC Freak

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