<CT> Re: Is anyone still here?

  • From: "Martin B. Brilliant" <mbrilliant@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 20:01:23 -0400

Was I surprised to see a Calmira Tips Digest in my mailbox! I guess 
that means I've been subscribed all this time and there's been no 
action on the list.

My home network has one 16-bit Windows system on it: Windows for 
Workgroups 3.11 on a Toshiba Satellite T1960CT laptop with an 
upgraded hard drive. I'm using it for real work, a membership 
database. It does the job very nicely and lives on the network just 
like all the newer Windows systems.

I had been using a T2400CS, also with WfW 3.11, but it developed a 
serious problem and I replaced it. The T2400CS had a SCSI port, 
which I had been using for a Zip100 drive, but the T1960CT has a 
brighter display.

But since I'm not using Win3 for general computing, I don't need the 
flexibility of an enhanced user interface. I tried putting Calmira 
on it, but it wasn't worth relearning the differences between the 
Calmira interface and the Win9x interface. I also considered putting 
on Norton Desktop (also better than the Win3 interface, but 
completely different from Calmira) but again, I didn't need it. I've 
just about relearned how to use the native Win3 interface.

I did one nonstandard thing. I created two new program groups in 
Program Manager, one with the utilities I use most often and one 
with the programs I use for the real work. I configured each with 
one row of icons and keep them open, one above the other, using them 
like toolbars. I even named one of them "Quick Launch."

Calmira was fun, but I don't need it any more. Sorry about that. 
Really. I hate to say goodbye.

Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ

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