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  • Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:09:06 +0100

On Friday 21 September 2007 11:47 pm, Stuart Pinel wrote:
> Well, its damn nearly two and a half years since the last post that I saw
> on this list (Martin B. Brilliant, 26 March 2005, 16:50) and it occurred =
> me to wonder if anyone was still here.  I guess the reason why I thought =
> it again was last night, with some small dismay, I consigned my monocrome
> laptop that ran Calmira to the dustbin - I'd been living without a left
> hand shift key for the best part of a year, the PC slots had died and now
> the power unit has too so I guess that was my last Calmira running
> computer.  It was nice to have a computer for typing that I could take out
> and not worry too much if someone pinched the bag.  =A35 for over three y=
> use of that type of PC isn't at all bad.
> I could get the 386 desktop out of storage and install Calmira on that (if
> I fancied a laugh) - does anyone else on the list still use Calmira in any
> meaningful way or is 16bit now dead even for us?
> Stuart

I'm still on the list, though I must admit I'd forgotten all about it. I no=
longer have anything slow enough (!!??) to use Calmira on, but I must admit=
to having very fond memories of it. I could also say that it was Calmira th=
finally made me jump to Linux (OpenSUSE and KDE); I simply got used to the=
idea of being able to modify the GUI - and KDE was a good alternative.

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