<CT> Re: Is This The End?

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<< From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Is this the end?
 Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 05:41:52 +0100
 Hi Guys,
 Its been so long since I posted here. I hope everybody is well.
 I went to look at www.freelists.org but could not find 'calmira' ?
 Also it seems that  listar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is no longer functioning?
 and at least at the moment 5.30am (UK) www.calmira.org is not
 Is it time to collect everything and put it somewhere else?
 Even if I haven't posted much it feels like an era is over :o(
 Pete >>

I don't know if it is the end or not, but it does seem that 
just about all current projects are "32 bit".  Very few work 
on 16 bit.  A shame, too...all of the computers I run Win3X
on seem very reliable, and may well remain so for another
10 years.  No need to worry as much about viruses and
trojan programs either!  Anyway...will check the site myself
and see if it is accessible on this side of the pond!
See you later!
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