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  • From: "Maxim" <emailmaxim@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 22:21:08 -0000

> Maxim wrote:
> >There was a thread about changing the system font to get nice titlebars,
> >it was mentioned that you can't change the font used in "most of the
> >text". What you have to do is, get Softy, render any TrueType font down
to a
> >raster font, then *call it MS Sans Serif internally and give it a font
> >weight of 400*. Save this to a .fon file. Then a little jiggerypokery is
> >required to get it to override MS Sans Serif Bold (which is the font used
> >dialogue boxes), I use it as my SystemFont=, but maybe it'd work in
> >[FontSubstitutes]. I did have a nice Verdana replacement file, but lost
> >when I last reformatted.
> I think it was me who asked about this, because my dialogue boxes are far
> too large! I've done what you suggested using Softy - I just used Arial
> the sake of testing. I called the file arial.fon, and added the system
> setting "SystemFont=arial.fon" but this only affected the title bar font.

You did call it MS Sans Serif? And gave it a font weight of 400? Erm... then
I dunno. The point is, MS Sans Serif is already loaded, the idea is for the
SystemFont to override just this part of it. If it doesn't then I don't

> How would I use the [FontSubtistutes] section to change the dialogue box

I think something along the lines of

MS Sans Serif=Whatever your font is

I think you'll have to give it a unique internal name and install it like a
regular font.

Caveat: I've never done this, I'm just guessing it'll work.


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