<CT> Re: ISDN / TDSL with Windows 3.11/Calmira ? / Re: NT 3.51 and the shell

  • From: Klaus.Osswald@xxxxxxxxxxx (Klaus Jürgen Osswald)
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 13:56:05 +0100

Hi Stephan,

Thanks, again, for your DSL information.

Stephan Grossklass wrote:

> > Yeah, but if I understand right this means that I have to turn machine into
> > DSL router which I can't do with a Win 3.11, right ?
> Nope. What you need in addition to your machine is a DSL router with
> PPPoE support. It doesn't really matter what is used as router - it can
> be a hardware DSL router (advantages: small, don't generate much heat
> and noise, now and then a switch for using multiple computers is
> integrated, and sometimes [as in ours] there are some functions for
> blocking ports so your network shares aren't accessible from all over
> the net; disadvantages: rather co$tly [EUR 150 up, I think])

geeeeezz, that's a lot

> , a PC dedicated to DSL routing (such as some DX/2-66 with 8 megs+ of memory -
> fli4l seems to be quite popular here; advantages: cheap; disadvantages:
> at least minitower size, often requires modifications for really quiet
> operation [quiet, perhaps temperature controlled fan in the PSU - high
> voltage in there]) or a PC which is used for both work and routing the
> connection (for example one running Windoze 98SE or ME or 2000 with
> Internet Connection Sharing; advantages: the software needed is often
> included with the OS or free; diadvantages: well, you have to have
> another PC).

of course the 'second PC as router' solution is the minor trouble.

In short: if one however does have ONLY one PC with Win 3.11/Calmira on then
DSL is only possible via the expensive hardware DSL router (See your
comment hereinabove)

> > BTW, you say you pulled this as an unanswered question out of the
> > Calmira_tips
> > archive. Did you refer to your personal archive, or is there an actual
> > address on the net ?
> Look on www.freelists.org, there's an online archive of all the lists
> there.



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