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  • From: JGrossklass@xxxxxxxxxxx (Stephan Grossklass)
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 18:59:13 +0100

> Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 19:27:13 -0500
> From: Alan Grimes <alangrimes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Re: IE5/16

> It doesn't work because I have too much memory and it thinks I should
> install windows 95..

setup /f:16

> WTF is an install program doing running such an evil memcheck?


> Ross Nelson wrote:
> >http://download.microsoft.com/msdownload/ie5/rtw/win16/en/cab/setup.exe
> >
> > :)  Wow.  Found a site with a bunch of software links, including a Win16
> > section.  It has tons of browsers listed, including IE 4 and 5 for
> > Win16.  Wonder if it has the dialer in it?
> >
> > http://cws.internet.com/16menu.html

Probably the dialer is included here - I've never seen IE5/16
distributed without it. (But then I've only encountered it at a very
small number of sites. ;)


BTW, such a notebook makes a desktop of the same era look very, very
old, even if some components may not be as fast or feature-rich. My new
one (two years old, but still in quite good shape - originally I had
intended to buy an old 486 based one, but following my parents' advice I
decided to get something newer and finally found this one at a
reasonable price) is the first computer not to run WfW here (lack of
drivers) - but Win2k (a.k.a. NT 5) is also a very nice OS if you have
the hardware - mostly: RAM (128 megs would be nice) - for it (for ME you
need the same hardware, but internally it's just the same old crap).
With an additional small program you can have semi-transparent program
windows - that may not be very useful in most cases and is probably not
feasible on typical machines running Calmira (anyone interested in
programming the impossible?), but it sure looks nice ;). BTW I networked
my three machines today via a switch recently bought via Ebay (stuff
like that is usuall much cheaper there) - works like a charm (and the
connection to my parents' machine also works well). Haven't tried
printer sharing from Win2k to WfW yet, though - would be great if I
could use that USB printer from WfW :).
Stephan's Mobile Computing Center ;)
a.k.a. Dell Latitude CPt C400GT

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