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After I had sent my first reply, I realised I had not told you how to start 
Windows 3.1
in "Enhanced Mode"...my bad.  Anyway, to make sure how the computer is running
Win3X, look at the command used to start Windows.  Many times this is in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file.  It is a one line entry, which will look something like:
Note that if used just like this, no arguments/commandline options, Windows 
will attempt to use Enhanced mode by default.  If the line has an option 
behind it
such as this:
WIN /s
Then the computer will start Windows in "Standard mode".  To use Enhanced mode
and therefore Calmira and other larger applications, edit the line and remove 
"/s" from behind WIN.  Now when you restart it, Windows will start in 
Enhanced Mode...you may also need to "force" enhanced mode, to do this, 
change the
line to:
WIN /3
Also, if anyone is interested, you can disable the display of the Windows 
logo by adding a "space" and a colon behind the command, like this:
Now just save the file used to launch Windows, ie AUTOEXEC.BAT or other.  You
can use any text editor to change the file, the EDIT.COM that comes with MS 
will work fine.
Hope that clears up some of the mess!  Let me know how it turns out!
See you later,
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