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  • From: "Norm Meunier" <nmeunier@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 09:30:10 -0400

On 5/31/01 at 9:09 PM Jason Bees wrote:

>I'm sure this thread has run before on CT but I couldn't find it in the
>archives. I'm looking to buy a new graphics card and I am choosing from an
>ATI Mach 64 or a Matrox Millenium II. I wondered if anyone has had any
>problems using either of these under Windows 3x, and which one you could

The only comment I had to make is that I once had to deal with Matrox.  I=
 was working for a business which  was an authorized dealer of their=
 products.  Without going into details, I was stunned at how Matrox did not=
 stand behind their product (...in this case, at that time, a $700 video=

This has nothing to do with how appropriate the product would be under Win=
 3.1, but what's the point of owning something the company doesn't want to=
 stand behind?

....I just thought you should know.  :-)

(P.S.  If there's a Matrox "company-man" out there in CT land, don't bother=
 trying to sue me for liable... I ain't gotta dime anyway! Ha-ha.)

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