<CT> Re: Good word processer?

  • From: "Martin B. Brilliant" <mbrilliant@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 07:05:39 -0400

On 12 Aug 2003 15:52:26 -0500, Joshua Brannon <jbrannon@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> ... laptop ... 486/66 ... tiny hard drive ... print them on a newer
> (Win98/MSOffice) computer....

In my experience, current versions of Microsoft Word won't accept any 
Word format older than Word 6. If all you want to do on the newer 
computer is print, then the freeware Word Viewer can "open documents 
created with all previous versions of Word for Windows....

"You cannot edit an open document in Word Viewer 97. However, if you 
have Word 97 installed, Word Viewer can open the document in Word. 
You can also copy text to the Clipboard to paste it in other 
applications." I have used the last mentioned procedure to edit Word 
2 documents.
Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ

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