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>NE has the advantage over EDIT in you can have multiple text documents 
>open at the same time, plus the spelling checker.  On the other hand, 
>EDIT can open files of larger size than NE (limit of about 64 KB). 

The EDIT from Win95/98 will run fine in older DOS, and it has the ability to 
open multiple documents at once. No spell checker, though. Interestingly 
enough, this version of EDIT behaves almost like a Windows app when run in 
Win98. (long file name support, and can be closed by the normal close button, 
unlike most DOS apps)

>There used to be a Word Viewer 97 for Win3X,
>might still be found in some out of the way archive.

I have that available for download from my website's Windows 3.1x section.


If you already have Word 6, I also have a convertor for download that will let 
you open Word 97/2000 files in Word 6. They can be edited, but they can't be 
saved in the Word97/2000 format again. This is nice though if you already have 
Word 6, since it would eliminate the need for also installing the viewer app.

-PC Freak

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